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CD. Juárez

Heroic Ciudad Juárez borders the States of Texas and New Mexico; it’s the economic and industrial engine of the State, an area of enormous cultural, commercial and tourist exchanges. It is also an area of immense business opportunities; Ciudad Juárez generates more than 75% of the State’s manufactured exports. We are dedicated to develop two very important Clusters: Medical and Automotive. The link between the productive and educational sectors has made the human element grow with great technical skills, a decisive factor that made more than 400 world class companies to invest and remain in the city for decades.

Concerning hospitality and gastronomy, we have excellence in quality and service.

Juárez is known as the city where the famous cocktail “Margarita” was born in the legendary Kentucky Bar, back in the 20’s.

The nightlife of Juarez, Mexico’s best border town is legendary. For family entertainment, visit the Museum of the Mexican Revolution located in the former Customs building, and the excellent interactive museum La Rodadora with more than 120 fully interactive displays on science, technology, art and culture.

For those who love outdoor activities, there are the extreme park Trepachangas, and the Samalayuca Sand Dunes, a natural protected area of endless white-sand hills, ideal for the practice of ecotourism and the celebration of thematic integration dinners, all of these, surrounded by the mysticism of the Chihuahuan Desert.

¡Juárez is fantastic!

Chihuahua capital

Three environments converge in the State Capital, first, the downtown area, the center of the old city, founded back in 1709 by Don Antonio Deza y Ulloa. Dating back from colonial times stand the magnificent Cathedral, one of the most beautiful architectural works in northern Mexico, the church of San Francisco and the aqueduct.

From the beginning of the XX century, the Chihuahua Cultural Center and the Government Palace stand out; and concerning museums, there is the one dedicated to the Mexican Revolution, Pancho Villa´s house, the University Cultural Center Quinta Gameros and the Modern Art Museum. In the outskirts of town, there is the modern commercial and services area, also, there are many cultural institutions and universities; the automotive and aerospace industry, and just getting out to the suburbs one will find the lovely villages of Aldama with its orchards and water parks, and Santa Eulalia with its hills and old mines, origin of the founding of the city. Chihuahua is a crossroads, starting point of the Chepe train, doorway to the desert and to Copper Canyon; a city of yesterday and today: this is the capital of the biggest State in Mexico.