The state of Guanajuato is the cultural and historic icon of Mexico. Every single one of the 46 municipalities showcase the vast diversity of traditions existing in the state. Our traditions will marvel and captivate you with their colors, tastes and sounds.

Two cities in Guanajuato have been designated as World Heritage Sites; six destinations are designated as “Pueblos Mágicos”, a local nomination to village full of story and touristic attractions; five archaeological sites; a remarkable assortment of museums; art galleries, and several cultural points of interest scattered around the state.

The fertile soils and rich mines in the region fostered the foundation of beautiful haciendas, turning Guanajuato into a prosperous and privileged land.

Connecting with a mysterious pre-Hispanic past; reminisce of the viceregal era, and contemplating a fascinating contemporary Mexican city is all possible in Guanajuato. An independent state proud of the colonial origins that shaped it.

The state is the birthplace for great men and women, whose talents, tenacity and creativity contributed to make Mexico a great and strong nation.

Guanajuato is the birthing place of Mexico, and Guanajuato represents Mexican greatness. Art, traditions, cuisine, history, culture, industry, music and welcoming people await you. In Guanajuato, you’ll live great stories.