In Ciudad Juárez, the response to the border’s fast food is given by the “Burritos,” a flour tortilla with a generous filling of exquisite stews from our traditional cuisine, it has become very popular not only in northern Mexico, but almost everywhere in the United States.

In Chihuahua, the cuisine is based and enriched with a great variety of ingredients found in the desert. Since cattle raising has been one of Chihuahua’s most traditional economic activity, the most exquisite steaks are served grilled over mesquite charcoal, accompanied with a baked potato and roasted green chili. Lately, local wine and craft beer producers have been reaching outstanding quality, so be prepared to taste the best. Recognized as the best farmers in our State, the Mennonite produce excellent cheese and dairy products, as well as salami and bread. In the southern part of the state, nut-based products have been highlighted, the international markets developed a great taste for our pecans, and just like the apple, its production is still on the rise.

Chihuahua smells and tastes like apple and offers to the market the best apples of Mexico. During spring time, millions of flowers burst and perfume the warm air; at harvest time the sweet apples will be the base to delicious preserves and pies.