Embrace the many colors of yucatan state

From memorable flavors to standout must-sees, Yucatan pops with a vibrancy all its own.

It’s hard to capture what makes Yucatan state so special, mostly because there are so many aspects of the region that stand out as noteworthy. Steeped in history, Yucatan vibrates with  the soul of a region shaped by its deep Mayan roots. This is a part of Mexico where tradition and culture lead the way–a land full of historical richness and sacred places.

But it’s also the many vibrant hues of Yucatan that leave their mark. Whether it’s the deep crystal-blue of a seemingly bottomless cenote, bold green of lush jungle encroaching on ancient Mayan ruins, or the eye-catching pop of pink worn by a resident flamingo, this is a colorful area of Mexico well worth discovering.

Mérida Centro. Yucatán
Downtown Merida. Yucatan
Hacienda Mucuyché. Yucatan

Into the deep blue

Unique to the region, there are thousands of cenotes in the Yucatan. Filled with crystal-blue fresh water, these otherworldly sinkholes are stunning to see, whether deeply subterranean, or above ground framed by vibrant jungle. Perfect for a refreshing swim, cenotes were also revered by the Maya (cenote means “sacred well”) and no trip to Yucatán state would be complete without visiting at least one.