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Parras de la Fuente

Parras de la Fuente, a place where there is culture, tourism, tradition, flavor and a high oenological level.

Historical city with 424 years of tradition, considered as “The Oasis of Coahuila” for its springs and abundant groves. It was the first city in northern Mexico to be named a Magic Town, in 2004. Considered the “Cradle of Viticulture in America” ​​for having the oldest winery, Casa Madero, and “Cradle of Democracy” for being the land that saw the birth of the Apostle of the Mexican Revolution, Francisco I. Madero. The production of textiles and the raising of cattle were added to the wine activity.

Parras de la Fuente, Coahuila, was one of the first towns in the entire American continent, if not the first according to history, where an electric light was turned on for the first time and to have electric lighting. Don Evaristo Madero, grandfather of revolutionary hero Francisco I. Madero, invited Thomas Alva Edison to carry out tests to improve the electric light bulb in what is now known as the pond of light.

Parras is considered a destination for weddings, sports, canyoning, hiking and adventure. The heritage and historical and cultural values ​​of Parras de la Fuente made it receive federal recognition through the declaration of “Zone of Historical Monuments”. The polygonal comprises 386 buildings with historical value, built between the 16th and 19th centuries.

A religious Magical Town, which includes the Matheo Museum and Archive with an important collection of civil and ecclesiastical documents, as well as pictorial works from the 17th century.

Cohahuila 2022
Chapel Santo Madero, Parras de la Fuente.
Feria de la Uva
Grape and Wine Fair, Parras de la Fuente.

Festivals, tradition, culture

Parras is, in itself, a celebration of his prodigality. One of the most important festivities is the Grape and Wine Fair, which takes place in August and in which events are not only held for wine lovers, but also where there are dances and a parade of allegorical cars. .

Among other festivities that are celebrated in the town, the following stand out: the Tamal and Wine Festival, the Campechana Festival, the Harvest of Wine Houses, the Blessing of Helmets, the Festival of the Absent, the Arrival of the Virgin of San Juan de los Lagos de Hacienda San Lorenzo and sporting events throughout the year.


Parras de la Fuente recovers indigenous and Spanish traditions and transforms them into a delicious mestizo banquet that includes exquisite appetizers such as fortified wines and grape liqueurs, followed by essential dishes such as roast pork, tamales and delicious barbecue. Thus, you can find steak restaurants, fast food, Mexican food and fusion cuisine. Also, a great variety of milk sweets and campechanas, a typical gastronomic product of this Magic Town.

Relevant data

Parras de la Fuente has more than 700 rooms, among 40 boutique, thematic, holistic, country style, hostel and minimalist hotels.

  • More than 40 restaurants
  • More than 50 tourism products
  • Approximately 45 events per year
  • Wine Route, who includes vineyards such as Casa Madero, Don Leo Vineyards, Rivero González Winery, Hacienda del Marqués, Parvada, Barro Viejo Winery and artisanal wineries such as Antiguas Bodegas de Perote, Vesubio, Segovia Fuantos Winery, Las Pudencianas and Madens Wines, among others.
  • Its wines have been recognized in the best wine competitions in the world, such as the Challenge International du Vin, in Bordeaux, France, where labels from various countries such as Morocco, South Africa, Brazil, Colombia, France, Greece and many more participated, thus being that the awards given to Parras wines were well deserved and managed to elevate Mexican viticulture worldwide.
  • 5 certified tour operators
  • 1 association of craftsmen
  • 1 hotel Association
  • 1 restaurant Association
  • 1 craft wine Association
  • 1 Wine Route
  • 1 Campechana Route
Casas y calles Parras de la Fuente
Houses and streets, Parras de la Fuente.
Vineyard, Parras de la Fuente.

This town is not only magical because of its name, but because of what it houses and possesses… It has natural aqueducts, where visitors can cool off with water that emerges from the mountains, as well as relax and detoxify in its peculiar temazcal, be amazed at its rituals and why not purify themselves by doing a cleanse to get rid of all the negative energies, and then finish with a relaxing massage.

In Parras de la Fuente you will know what life tastes like!