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Popular art is a living sample of the history and identity of our people, it’s our tangible cultural heritage, reaffirming who we are. Chihuahuan artisans are committed to keeping alive our roots while producing the finest arts and crafts in northern Mexico.

In Chihuahua, there are still four original native groups: Wuarojíos, Tepehuanes, Pimas and Rarámuris. The majestic Sierra Tarahumara produces natural fibers, wood and wool are base for the making of daily life objects, for ceremonies, rituals and festivities. Women weave exquisite baskets out of sotol fibers, sew their colorful traditional dresses and weave belts and wool blankets; man, and children make marvelous wood carvings, musical instruments, clay pots and crockery.

In the northwest part of our state, at the Magic Town of Casas Grandes and in Mata Ortiz, the making of the pre-Hispanic ceramics from the Paquime culture was rediscovered by Juan Quezada; his tenacity achieved the rescue of a lost millenary pottery making techniques, sharing later his knowledge with his family and neighbors. His works and generosity among his students endorsed him to be distinguished with the National Prize for Science and Arts.

In the rest of the state, mining, agriculture and ranching required the creation of objects to support their daily life; the cowboys tanned cow skins to make saddles, the miners used metals with processes that nowadays jewelers still replicate.

This is what Chihuahuan artisans have to share, natural resources turned into utilitarian art, -used in a daily life- back in the days when being source-full meant a great deal.

To encourage artisans in their search for higher quality, variety and new designs, the Chihuahua Handicraft Development Fund, organizes throughout the State, 4 arts and crafts contests every year, look for the dates and sites and amaze yourself with the beauty and endless inspiration of the Chihuahua’s artists.