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Traditional Gastronomy

Like all traditional cuisine, Aguascalientes gastronomy has been shaped by climate, vegetation and the scarce availability of rainwater throughout the territory of the State.

Honoring its ancestral culture, the characteristics of its first nomadic inhabitants, and the products that have characterized the region since immemorial time, the cuisine is based, as in all the Mexican Central Altiplano, on corn, chili, cactus, tomatoes and the meat of some animals.

These products, having undergone the process of miscegenation with elements from other regions and cultures, and with the efforts of the producers, incorporate novel ingredients and flavors that increase the differentiating value of regional dishes, projecting them to new and elevated horizons, with ingredients that also accuse the reflection on the best use of soil and water, without ceasing to be indisputably from Aguascalientes.

Little by little, consciously or unconsciously, a specific gastronomic identity has been developed in the State, so today traditional dishes can be offered, as well as the result of that search and innovation, in which the incorporation of grapes, wine, guava, garlic, a huge variety of chilis, cheeses and meats such as pork, chicken, beef or rabbit.

Traditional dishes

Los Esmeriles

Small gorditas made with ground corn, fried in hot oil. Once drained, they are filled with mashed potatoes seasoned with a sauce of tomato and onion; they are accompanied with a garnish of white cabbage, seasoned in lemon with salt, and with Aguascalientes style tomato sauce.

The “Chile Aguascalentense”

The great production of chilies in the State is reflected in this dish, with a fruity tendency, filled with a mixture of meats, seasoned with different nuts, bathing in a creamy sauce to which guava can be sometimes incorporated, and decorated with grapes from the local vineyards.

The Peasant Soup

To prepare this soup corn is used from the local crops, the chilis from the Aguascalientes fields, cream and cheese of excellent flavor and quality, and the essential pumpkin flower, key element for the stew.

The “Lomo de la Abuela”

A classic recipe of great-grandparents, which mixes the sweet with the saltiness, popular combination in the Porfiriato period. This dish is prepared with pork loin medallions, bathed in adobo and decorated with corn cake and potatoes with cream.

Different Moles

They incorporate the variety of chilies that are produced in the State, giving them a differentiating touch with fruits, nuts, condiments and different meats and garnishes.

“Aguas Picante” Chili Route

Together, with the State Council of Producers of Chile and the Municipality of Rincón de Romos, the “Aguas Picante” Chili Route was created, where you can find a large number of chili derivatives, from fresh products and chili powder, to homemade sauces.

Complementing the route are corn producers, who offer an explanation of the historical importance of corn in Mexico and its cuisine, as well as different tastings.

Other local elements are also found, such as the table wine “Tertulia de Chileros”, as well as a craft beer with notes of chile and mezcal served in caballitos made of jalapeño peppers. 

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TacoTour is an idea that arose with the purpose of knowing and tasting the great variety of tacos that are offered in the gastronomic establishments of Aguascalientes; from the most classic places in the corner of some neighborhoods, to the most elaborate tacos that present more complex elements, flavors and ingredients. Currently the tour consists of 5 traditional taquerias.

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