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The State of Guanajuato has positioned itself for some time as one of the most important wine producers in Mexico, already number 4 nationwide, with nearly 400 hectares of vine planted in the state.

Since 2005, when the first project was created in Guanajuato, the quality has been increasing thanks to the artisan way of caring for the vineyard and making the wine, a vocation of study and constant experimentation has defined the differentiating characteristics of this region.

The agroclimatic characteristics of Guanajuato provide a unique character to our wines, all this terroir is being recognized in the most important international competitions, already having more than 90 medals in the region.

The Wine tourism offer in the State has also been developing for more than 10 years, currently there are 22 wineries open to wine tourism that offer different experiences throughout the different destinations included on the Wine Routes.

Tourism derived from the current contingency is evolving to shorter trips in time and with greater frequency, which is implying that travelers look for closer destinations and with outdoor activities, so it is an opportunity for the Wine Tourism of the state is positioned as one of the most important tourist products.

The wine tourism has experienced significant growth, the set of resources, products and services, articulated in a wine tourism product, contributes to generating unique experiences for tourists, an activity that is fully aligned with the new expectations of the tourist demand that nowadays seeks for experiences, be involved on memorable activities rather than visiting a certain destination.

Therefore, it can be ensured that the development of wine tourism entails a series of benefits for everyone involved:

  • For the destination, because it becomes a touristic selling speech for the territory, generating significant economic development in the area.
  • For wineries, because it is a complementary source of income that helps sell their wines and position the brand.
  • For tourism activity, because it is an integral product of medium-high tourist expenditure, and with the existence of the product, an exchange of information between the participants of the entire sector involved will be possible.
  • For the opportunity of growth and general development of the area.

The Wine from Guanajuato

The wine production activity extends in 8 destinations across the State: Dolores Hidalgo C.I.N. San Miguel Allende, Comonfort, San Felipe, León, Salvatierra, San Francisco del Rincón and Guanajuato capital.

95% of plantations have drip irrigation, optimizing water use. Production of 1,240,000 liters of wine, highlighting the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Tempranillo, Nebbiolo, Sémillon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc.

More than 50 Grand Gold, Gold and Silver Medals obtained in the most recognized European competitions.

Eno tourism Space in Guanajuato

Guanajuato has 32 vineyards in different stages in terms of wine tourism activity, perfect for the integration of The Guanajuato Wine Routes:

  1. Dolores Hidalgo
  2. Guanajuato
  3. Salvatierra
  4. San Felipe
  5. San Francisco del Rincón
  6. San Miguel de Allende
  7. León
  8. Comonfort

22 vineyards with wine tourism activity in operation:

  1. Vinos Guanamé
  2. Vinícola Octágono
  3. Viñedo El Lobo
  4. Camino de Vinos
  5. Dos Jacales
  6. La Santísima Trinidad
  7. Vid Elena
  8. Bernat Vinícola
  9. Viñedo Los Arcángeles
  10. Cuna de Tierra
  11. Cavas Manchón
  12. Vinícola Tres Raíces
  13. Viñedo Puente Josefa
  14. San José Lavista
  15. Dos Búhos
  16. Viñedo Toyán
  17. Viñedo San Lucas
  18. Viñedo San Miguel
  19. Cava Garambullo
  20. Casa Anza
  21. Viñedo San Francisco
  22. Viñedo Los Senderos

6 vineyards in process for wine tourism opening:

  1. Viña del Gran Padre
  2. Tres Niñas
  3. Viñedo el Paraíso
  4. Tierra de Luz Hacienda Vinícola
  5. Las Maravillas
  6. San Bernardino

4 vineyards without tourist activity:

  1. Zirándaro Golf
  2. Casa Garrera
  3. Viñedo Río Laja
  4.  Viñedo Xidó