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The México Selection by CMB is one of the many special selections of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, focused on wines and spirits produced in Mexico. For the last 8 years, the México Selection by CMB has recognized the best wines and spirits from Mexico every year, offering a quality guide for consumers from all over the world and promoting the wine heritage of America at the same time.

Registration fees are available here.

  • The registrations for the México Selection by CMB 2023 is open from 01/09/2024 to 31/10/2024
  • The deadline for receiving samples is 31/10/2024
  • The tasting sessions of the México Selection by CMB 2024 take place from 20/11/2024 to 22/11/2024
  • The results will be published on 29/11/2024 

Every year, the México Selection by CMB is carried out in one of the different states of the Mexican territory, so sending a proforma invoice is not necessary. Keep in mind that only a delivery note should be included, with the description and number of samples sent.

Yes, samples that have not yet been released to the market are accepted, as long as they are products intended for sale. At the time of registration, you must indicate it next to the name of your product as: "Tank sample".

You can present your samples with a provisional label, clearly indicating the essential information (winery, brand, vintage; %VolAlc, etc.)

An invoice issued by Vinopres SA, the Brussels-based organizer of the CMB, will be sent by email automatically after a few days of receipt of payment. The email address to which the invoice is sent corresponds to the address you provided at the time of registration.

Yes, you can validate your registration. Once the sample is validated, you can always go back to your account and add the image of the bottle, the chemical analysis and the proof of payment when it comes to an international bank transfer. If you don’t have the chemical analysis at the time of registration, it is essential to send it no later than 1 week before the date of the tasting sessions of the contest: 20 to 22/11/2024

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